5 ways to dress smart casual with a twist

Most of the time, we dress depending on what we are doing that day. If we’re going to work we wear a button up shirt or maybe a full suit, and if we are relaxing on the weekend we might just wear jeans and a t-shirt. The two should not be mutually exclusive. More and more we are starting to see people blur the lines between smart casual attire and a more relaxed ‘streetstyle’. So to help you figure out how to nail that perfect balance between the two, we’ve got some tips with photo examples:

1. Try wearing a plain t-shirt under your suit jacket



2. Wear a beanie (Hobo sheike +9000)


3. Wear a backpack instead of a suitcase or shoulderbag


4. Wear sneakers


5. Swap the suit jacket for a leather one


I hope these tips help give you that extra edge. Dress better.

Simon Jackson

Up your beanie game this winter

Hats are one of those funny accessories that suit some people and just look ridiculous on others – I am the latter in most cases. With winter coming (insert Game of Thrones reference), sometimes a jacket and thick socks aren’t enough when that wind chill factor smacks you in the face like an ice truck. The good news, is that beanies are one type of accessory that both keep you warm and can up your streetstyle game a bit. It’s all in the way you wear it.

Everyone has different shaped and sized heads so the best thing to do is try on a few different styles of beanies and see which suits you best. You can also take any old beanie you have and make some minor adjustments to make it look different. Below are some examples of beanie styles you can try (some of the styles are a combination of 2 different styles):

1. The fisherman – This is my favourite current style as you can wear it with smart casual or streetstyle clothing and it looks great. Ideally you roll your beanie above your ears but if they stick out then you can put them slightly over

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2. The slouchback – This style is a larger beanie with no fold that falls back and just hangs. This looks good for people with well defined jaws and beard stubble




3. The straight up – You can just put the beanie straight on your head, trying to gain as much height as possible. Single, double or no fold – it doesn’t really matter

IMG_0460-682x1024 dylankreemokiss3 f9a1a200ac91bd3615d421792c08a431

4. The pom pom – This style is a bit less trendy but still fun, great for the snow

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I hope this helped any of you who believed you are cursed to never wear hats… be bold!

Simon Jackson


DIY Ripped jeans

After finding almost impossible to find a good pair of ripped jeans for myself I decided to do what any self-respecting person does when they want to figure out how to do something themselves… I looked up Youtube tutorials.

After reading a few blogs and watching some videos, I’d thought I’d share some of my findings with you (note: I take no responsibility for your failed attempts – but I’m sure you’ll be fine)

Before we begin anything, the biggest tip I can give you is: START SMALL (I realise the irony of the text size). After having worn my DIY jeans for just a week, the holes have already ripped to be bigger than when I started so you’re better off starting small and making slight adjustments piece by piece. I also encourage trying the jeans on throughout the process to see how they look on.

What you’ll need:
– Some sort of marking pen (girls make up sticks work well as it rubs off easily)
– Scissors
– Tweezers or nail clippers (optional)

What you'll need

Step 1: Put your jeans on and make marks just above where your knees sit (I took them off for photo purposes)

Draw lines

Step 2: Cut along the jeans at the marks you made (remember to start small – if you want larger knee holes then slowly cut away more material to make a ‘rugby ball’ shape)


Cut along lines


Step 3: 2 options –
1. Run a sharp blade along the edges (I used this technique and it worked fine – start off gently and work until you get the desired rip effect)


Use scissors


2. Get tweezers and pull individual strands out so they become frayed


Use tweezers

These were the results (the knees were done a week ago and the thigh was just done)

knees close up

Full body standing

Check out this blog which has an awesome step by step tutorial as well: http://www.theuttergutter.com/posts/diy-style-tutorial-ripped-jeans/

Stay fresh.

Simon Jackson

Layers, Layers, Layers…

Good fashion is like Ogres, or onions… there are many layers. Obviously it’s a bit hard to pile on the layers when it’s blue skies in the middle of Australian summer but now that it’s starting to get a little colder at night, we can experiment some more.

The key to layering effectively is having different sized clothing and different coloured clothing and of course it is important to co-ordinate these choices!

For sizing, a good look could be skinny jeans with an oversize tee. Then you could layer a bomber jacket or an overshirt or even another shorter tee over the top and have the long tee coming out the bottom. Something like this:


For colours, it can be easy to get carried away but as a general rule, you should only use 1 or 2 colurful items otherwise it can look a little overbearing and mismatched. You always want one part of your outfit to really grab peoples attention. So try wearing black jeans or pants with a plain tee and a more colourful piece on top. Try something like this:

Every now and then a random combination will actually work really well, so don’t completely rule anything out. It’s best to wear the clothes you like the most and feel the most confident wearing.

Sunglasses: Classic or trendy?

The face is the first thing we see on other people so the choice of sunglasses can be crucial in deciding on the kind of image we want to present to other people as most people will make up their mind about you almost immediately (note: never judge a book by it’s cover).

It is really important that you know what kind of sunglasses suit your face before you buy them. One pair of sunglasses may look good on your mates face, but horrible on yours, that’s because we all have different shaped heads. With that being said, I generally categorise sunglasses as either ‘classic’ or ‘trendy’ (note: it is definitely possible to get a mix of both).

The classic sunglasses are your Rayban wayfarer and aviator and other similar shapes. These have been around for decades and are popular for a reason, they look great without being too out of the normal. We have some examples here:

The newer trend is wearing more rounded sunglasses (and considered a step further would be to have reflective lenses). These range from oval shapes to complete circles and give off a hippie vibe that fits in extremely well with the current hipster culture. You can get some more conservative round sunglasses all the way to completely round and crazy sunglasses. Here are some examples of the more rounded, trendy styles:

It all comes down to what you feel comfortable wearing and what looks on your face. The best thing to do is go into a big sunglasses store and try on a range of brands and frames and get a feel for what you like.

The oversize tee trend

You may or may not have noticed, but recently everyone is starting to wear oversize t-shirts. People aren’t getting fatter (not everyone anyway) but the t-shirts are definitely getting bigger (or at least longer).

The benefit of this look is you can quickly make your average outfit of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers a lot more trendy and give out a more relaxed vibe. These shirts also provide an opportunity for brands to make additional style changes to the cut and overall design of the average t-shirt.

Another great thing about long tees, is that they give you the ability to layer items and create a new outfit from clothes that you already own. It can be as simple as putting a bomber jacket or even another tee over a long tee. We will be covering layering and how to layer more in another blog post.

As you will see below, there are a range of ways brands can make their designs unique: